Marriage is a Love Letter2 COR. 3:3 They can see that you are a letter from Christ, written by us. It is not a letter written with pen and ink, but by the Spirit of the living God; not one carved on stone, but in human hearts. TLB

Most letters have four parts.  Each of those parts have an association with several elements of marriage.

The Greeting

The greeting in a love letter should not be either formal or informal.  Rather, it must be endearing, passionate and respectful. Always refer to each other in loving and respectful terms.  When we are taking each other for granted our “greetings” become rote and lifeless.  Make it your habit to greet your spouse with a loving and energetic greeting in the morning or when you return home from work.  A greeting can set the emotional tone of what follows.

The Body

This is your story. Some elements being inscribed by God in your love letter are yet to be realized.  That means you will need to live by faith and navigate with principles and truth. A few that will help you finish your story with style are:
1. Say “I love you” everyday, preferable more than once.
2. Always forgive. Always!
3. Always respect. Always protect. Resentment and misunderstanding are cruel taskmasters.


In covenant marriage the only acceptable closing is when death parts us. Live your life and love your spouse in such a way that God will gladly say, “Well done!”


Don’t forget, the love letter you are writing is not just to each other but also to the One to whom you both belong – Jesus! It is His signature that you want emblazoned across your love letter. You are doing His bidding by loving each other well. It may well seem like it is you that writes the story.  The sooner you place the pen in the hand of the Author of Life the better your story will be. Make sure Christ will joyfully place his Autograph on your hearts.

Response: How familiar are you with the Love Letter that Christ is writing on your heart?  What is it that is being written on your spouses heart by you?


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