The Sacred In My Life

Editors note:  This article was written by Linda Buttrey, my wife and best friend for 35 years.  Along with me, she is the co-founder of True Relationships, Inc.  She is a relationship expert, the world’s best mom and mimi, and a quiet leader that has profound influence on everyone that enters into her world.

31-02_A1-400x280Sacred = that which is “made or declared holy; considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; inspiring awe or reverence”

Today I am meditating on the “sacred” in my life…

  • My sacred relationship with Tim – our oneness, our shared vulnerability
  • My sacred bonds of friendships – deep love and loyalty with family and friends
  • My home, my sacred place – a place of order and peace, my refuge
  • Those sacred moments – the encounters with those I do not know, yet You allow me to “touch”
  • The sacred treasures of my heart – dreams I have yet to see come to pass; promises You have given
  • My sacred calling – my passion to “bring order” within my sphere of influence
  • The sacred moments of the soul – the times I become instantly aware of Your presence in “my world”

I am asking God that I will be on the alert for the sacred in my life.

What do you include on the list of things “sacred” in your life? In what ways do you respect them as sacred?

*thoughts sparked from the writings of Jean Chapman, a special friend and mentor


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