Is It Time For A Checkup?

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is written by one of our True Relationships counselors, Sheri Schmitt.  Sheri is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and is a great asset to our team.  You can read Sheri’s bio on our website.

Today we return to the doctor for my daughter’s post-op appointment, in the hopes of receiving an excellent health report. It was just a week ago that she had four healthy, not yet used, teeth extracted. Now that’s hard to swallow! You see, upon consultation with her dentist and then with her oral surgeon, we were informed that those seemingly healthy pearly whites, that no one noticed and were of no real concern, actually were the buds of future trouble. There were underlying issues beneath the surface that needed our immediate attention! Now I won’t bore you with the details but let me just say that out of a 30 minute consultation, 20 minutes were used to educate us on the dangers if we did not take action soon. We were convinced and an appointment was scheduled.

Did we want to do this? I mean really, her choppers were working fairly okay. She was experiencing some slight discomfort from one wise tooth but nothing she couldn’t overlook. She was basically comfortable. My husband and I, nor my daughter, didn’t want to be inconvenienced, re-arrange our schedules, prep for the surgery, have her go through the pain of healing and honestly, pay for it as well. However, if we didn’t, the underlying issues would grow. All of us then would be inconvenienced longer than a week, the surgery would be more intense, there would be more damage to straighten out, healing would be prolonged and it would hit harder in the pocket book. Best to take care of it now!

As I contemplated this journey, I related it to other areas in our lives. Are there underlying issues in your life and/or relationships that need attention and intervention before they become dangerous to your health and destroy your relationships? Maybe you have underlying issues that no one can see but you know they are there, i.e. past childhood wounds that you never shared or healed from, pressures to be perfect, lack of understanding on how to be a godly husband/wife, areas where you feel disrespected or unloved by your spouse, a sense that the two of you are growing apart, unhealthy secrets, communication issues, etc. Obviously, the list could continue on a very broad spectrum.

Psalm 34:14 says, “…seek peace and pursue it.” Before letting underlying issue gets out of control, pursue peace. Pursue peace with God, others and yourself. Don’t allow fears of the unknown, schedules, discomfort and money interfere with you taking care of yourself and your relationships. Allow time for healing before the wound deepens and infects other areas of your life. Taking care of issues now is always better than later no matter where you are on the continuum. Counselors at True Relationships are here to help and assist you in finding that peace.

Would you come in or call in for a check-up and consultation?


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